Types and Features of Car DVD Players


If you are considering buying cars DVD, you must understand its types and the common features that should come with a DVD player.



This DVD player is install in the front of the car. It is usually set up on top of the dashboard but is not that easy to view. The problem with this type is that it can also cause a lot of distraction for the driver.


Installed on the back side of the headrests, these DVD players are for backseat viewers only. It comes with two screens, allowing passengers on each side of the backseat to view separate videos.

Flip down

This is one of the most common and preferred types of DVD players. This player is attached in the middle of the roof of the car, allowing access to backseat viewing only. Hence, it only serves to entertain the backseat passengers.

Rearview mirror

This DVD player is installed in the rearview mirror of the car. It serves as a DVD player and a rearview mirror even while it is turned on. The biggest problem with this one is that it can easily distract the driver and cause interference.

Features of a good car autoradio GPS DVD player

Android, iPhone, and iPod compatibility

If your DVD is compatible with your phone, there is nothing like it. It gives you the ability to choose any video or song from your phone and play on the DVD player. This eliminates the hassle of keeping many DVDs inside the car.


A GPS is one of the most important features that need to exist in your car. An autoradio GPS will help you to reach point A from point B with ease and in case you get lost, it will help you find your way home.

Touchscreen controls

As a touchscreen is easier and quicker to operate, it does not require a lot of attention of the driver. It also gives the car a classy look and feel.

Multi-zone audio

This feature will allow various gadgets to be attached to the DVD player, giving you a greater range of entertainment. Even a gaming console can be attached to it and provide hours of entertainment.

Rearview camera

A few DVD players (Like fit model autoradio golf 5, or autoradio 2 DIN) come with an added feature of a rearview camera, which you can hook to the back of your trunk. It will help you see the back side and makes navigation easier and more accurate.


Remote control

With a remote control, you don’t have to constantly touch the screen or have others reaching over to touch it. It allows control of the device from a distance and the driver does not need to be bothered.

Other input and ports

This allows other smaller devices to be hooked to the DVD player. You can also hook headphones to it and watch your show without disturbing the driver. For more info please contact us

Channel tuner

Many DVD players now have the ability to connect with a satellite. This can provide the user the ability to tune the player to search for TV channels. This gives the user more variety of videos and distractions.